Volkswagen Engine Air Filter Replacement Service

Engine Air Filter Maintenance in Concord, NC

Every internal combustion engine has an air filter that filters incoming air before it is used for fuel induction. A new engine air filter is able to trap almost 100% of airborne debris that would otherwise infiltrate the fuel induction system, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers where costly damages can occur. We recommend looking at an old engine air filter clogged with filth; this is what will get inside the engine if the filter gets clogged or damaged. If you want to keep sand, dust, salt, pebbles, and dead insects out of the engine, we recommend routine engine air filter maintenance.

Hendrick VW Service Department

Volkswagen Engine Air Filter Replacement in Concord, NC

We employ certified technicians at our state-of-the-art service department ready to provide our customers with Service Xpress engine air filter replacement requiring no appointment. The service includes a genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement filter recommended specifically for your model by Volkswagen.

When Should I Replace My Vehicle's Engine Air Filter?

Volkswagen recommends replacing the engine air filter at a specified interval found in each model's booklet. The average replacement interval is every 30,000 miles; however, it is an excellent idea to have it inspected frequently alongside every oil change to ensure it remains in acceptable condition.

Since certain driving and environmental factors can cause the paper filter to clog quickly or get damaged before the maintenance schedule, we recommend inspecting engine air filters frequently, replacing them proactively as needed when symptoms of a problem occur, and following Volkswagen's recommended maintenance schedule for replacement.

Warning Signs of an Engine Air Filter Needing Replacement

If you begin to experience any of these warning signs, it is very likely that your vehicle needs a new engine air filter:

  • Unusual engine sound
  • Engine misfires
  • Dashboard warning light
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Decreased horsepower
  • Smell fuel starting the engine
  • Flames or sooty smoke exit the exhaust


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Service Xpress Engine Air Filter Replacement

When our customers consider our service department's resources, highly-qualified technicians, Service Xpress availability, and genuine OEM parts, it removes the hassle and guesswork from the service provider selection process. When you drive a Volkswagen car or SUV near Concord that's due for a new engine air filter, we invite you to receive quality care from us at Hendrick Volkswagen of Concord, NC.

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