Misconceptions About Electric Vehicles

Common Myths

EVs have no power

There are a few benefits that electric vehicles provide over gas-powered when looking at performance. Since power is delivered straight to the wheels, there is an instant response to accelerating. No lag between pressing on the pedal and acceleration means that you will be passing other drivers with ease. If you get an all-wheel drive EV, you will have more power thanks to a second electric motor attached.

EVs aren't attractive

This is one of the most common myths that we hear, but once drivers see how sleek and elegant Volkswagen electric vehicles are, their minds change. With aerodynamics in mind when being designed, each model comes with a beautifully sculpted body so that there is minimal air resistance. Each model's striking design means you are getting the best possible range and speed when driving an electric vehicle.

Other Myths

EVs are too utilitarian

We will agree that an electric vehicle is a great choice to handle any daily commute, errand, or adventure, but saying it is too utilitarian doesn't look at the whole picture. There is no sacrifice to performance for an EV to maintain its zero-emission status, and a variety of advanced and high-tech features ensure you enjoy your time in the driver's seat. With the impressive infotainment features you've come to love and features like an expansive glass roof and premium leatherette seats, many drivers have found electric vehicles to be more sophisticated than some of the more traditional options.

You can't charge EVs on the road

Charging stations are continuing to pop up across the country, making it easier than many people think to find somewhere on your route to charge. With an impressive range, you will find that only the longest road trips require you to stop with convenient at-home charging as well. Fast charging allows Volkswagen EV models to go from 5% to 80% in just 38 minutes. Feel free to contact our team to learn more about apps available to show you the sprawling network of electric charging stations!

The Truth About Electric Vehicles

It is hard to get your EV fixed

Electric vehicles have fewer parts under the hood, which reduces the need for the same routine maintenance that gas-powered vehicles need. Oil changes are a thing of the past when you choose an electric vehicle. Our expert service team is here to help with all your automotive needs, so feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions about servicing an electric vehicle.

EVs are more expensive than gas-powered vehicles

While this might have been the case years ago, the gap has been closed in more recent years. Electric Volkswagen models are competitively priced to make them an attractive option. You will also see savings when you compare the price of gas to the price of charging.

Contact Our Experts to Learn More About Volkswagen's Lineup of Electric Vehicles

We encourage you to reach out to our team if you are left with any questions about electric vehicles. Our team is excited to schedule you for a test drive in the Volkswagen ID.4 and to help you see all the plans that Volkswagen has for the future of electric vehicles.