Charging ID.4

Charging Options

Our experts want to help you see all the benefits of owning an electric Volkswagen. Many drivers are worried that they won't find charging locations, but charging the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 is simple and straightforward. You won't need to worry about stopping for gas; instead, you can charge your battery at one of many charging stations.

With a variety of options that can keep your vehicle charged, we are sure that you will be able to maintain the best performance of your Volkswagen ID.4.


At-Home Charging for Your Electric Vehicle

The Volkswagen ID.4 comes with an L1 charging cable for at-home charging. If you are looking for a faster charging system in your home, you can purchase an L2 charger. The L2 charger lets you travel over 20 miles in just one hour of charging. You can get a full charge overnight to make sure you won't need to worry as much when it comes to any errand, commute, or road trip.

Charging Solutions on Your Route

You'll have access to over 17,000 charging stations throughout the country when you choose a model like the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4. Stations are constantly being added to this network so that you won't need to change your route to find charging options during any road trip or adventure.

Finding a Charging Station

Choosing the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 will give you three years of unlimited charging at Electrify America DC Fast Chargers with no extra cost. DC Charging Stations can be found among most major highways. These stations let you travel 60 miles in ten minutes of charging, letting you go from 5% to 80% in under 40 minutes.

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