A Look at Electric Vehicles from Volkswagen

Volkswagen is looking towards a time when electric powertrains will be more common. We want to give you a glimpse at their concepts so that you might know what the future holds. There are a variety of vehicles that are currently in the works, and we are here to help you see what each of them can add to your life.

*Note that photos below show concept vehicles. Not available for sale. Specifications may change

Staying Excited in the ID. CROZZ

You should be looking towards the ID. CROZZ concept if you want true excitement from an all-electric SUV. This model has an anticipated track speed of over 110 MPH thanks to having up to 302 horsepower from its electric motor. Being on the Modular Electric Drive Matrix, you can be sure that this is one model that you will enjoy wherever you go.

Being equipped with rear-based all-wheel drive will help you get the traction and control that you need for the road ahead. The concept shows a smooth grille-free front and has the battery equipped under the floor to maximize usable space for the cabin. True to the nature of an SUV, the ID. CROZZ has as much interior space as the Tiguan, ensuring you will be able to bring along everything that you could need for the road ahead.

A Classic Design Meets New Power Options in the ID. BUZZ

If you are someone who has been wishing Volkswagen continued production of their Microbus, you will love the ID. BUZZ. Coming with a design that you will certainly recognize, the 369-horsepower will be something that is all-new to this electric option. The two-tone V-nose and rectangular windows are callbacks to the first generation of the bus, giving it a timeless design that will help you stand out from every other model on the market.

The cabin of this model is customizable, ensuring it'll be perfect for every adventure that you take. You can tailor the cabin to suit all your needs with a diversity of arrangements. There is a front trunk to help bring along anything that you could need without putting it in the cabin. Being equipped with innovative features, we are confident that this will be a model that you consider once it hits the market.

The ID. VIZZION is A Chauffeur for Your Driveway

The fully autonomous concept for this sedan makes it perfect for anyone who is looking for a digital chauffer. This model will recognize passengers and can adjust the majority of its settings as appropriate. You can communicate with the vehicle through voice controls, adding even more hands-free controls to a model that you will love to have in your driveway. With wide opening doors, you are sure to feel comfortable whenever you get inside.

While many electric vehicles don't have a long range, the ID. VIZZION can go over 400 miles before you need to plug it back in. The quick-charging nature of this model will give you access to an electric vehicle that you can rely on whenever you travel.

The ID. Concept that is Right for your Life

A daily driver is a vehicle that you will need to rely on, and we are confident that the ID. could be that model once it hits the roads. The anticipated range is over 370 miles, making even the most harrowing commute easier to handle. The interior has been completely redesigned, offering a steering wheel that can retract with just the push of a button.

The intuitive design of the cabin gives you some of the most advanced and innovative features to ensure you enjoy your driving experience. With an Active Info Display and a simplified cabin with minimal buttons and switches, even able to save personal settings to make it perfect for the time that you spend inside.

Learn More About Volkswagen's Upcoming Electric Vehicles

While they are not on our lot yet, our team will be able to give you more details about the Volkswagen electric vehicles. We want to help you see how each of these models offer something to look forward to, giving you a glimpse at the future of the automotive industry.

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